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Youth Camp Locations, Tuition and Dates
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Full06.11.2018-06.15.2018Canton / OHCenter Ice Sports Complex$195.00
06.18.2018-06.22.2018Cincinnati / OHSports Plus Arena$350.00
06.18.2018-06.22.2018Hillsborough / NCTriangle Sportsplex$415.00
06.18.2018-06.22.2018York / PAYork City Ice Arena$325.00
06.25.2018-06.29.2018Altoona / PAGalactic Ice$315.00
06.25.2018-06.29.2018Alexandria / VAMt. Vernon Rec. Center$510.00
06.25.2018-06.29.2018Rockville / MDRockville Ice Arena$550.00
07.09.2018-07.13.2018Cicero / NYCicero Twin Rinks$335.00
07.09.2018-07.13.2018Greensboro / NCIce House of Greensboro$400.00
07.09.2018-07.13.2018Hershey / PAHersheypark Arena$365.00
Only player registrations accepted for Hershey
07.16.2018-07.20.2018Lockport / NYCornerstone Ice Arena$295.00
07.16.2018-07.20.2018Wake Forest / NCPolar Ice House$445.00
07.16.2018-07.20.2018Fairport / NYRochester Ice Center$320.00
07.23.2018-07.27.2018Buffalo / NYLeisure Rinks$295.00
07.23.2018-07.27.2018Reisterstown / MDReisterstown Sportsplex$425.00
07.23.2018-07.27.2018Rockville / MDRockville Ice Arena$550.00
07.30.2018-08.03.2018Altoona / PAGalactic Ice$315.00
07.30.2018-08.03.2018York / PAYork City Ice Arena$325.00
07.30.2018-08.03.2018Reston / VASkateQuest of Reston$485.00
08.06.2018-08.10.2018Ebensburg / PANorth Central Rec. Center$325.00
08.06.2018-08.10.2018Cicero / NYCicero Twin Rinks$335.00
08.06.2018-08.10.2018Alexandria / VAMt. Vernon Rec. Center$510.00
08.13.2018-08.17.2018Ithaca / NY"The Rink" - Lansing$375.00
08.13.2018-08.17.2018Rochester / NYLakeshore Hockey Arena$295.00
08.13.2018-08.17.2018Rockville / MDRockville Ice Arena$550.00
08.20.2018-08.24.2018Hooksett / NHTri-Town Ice Arena$375.00
08.20.2018-08.24.2018Cortland / NYJM McDonald Sports Complex$375.00
08.20.2018-08.24.2018Buffalo / NYLeisure Rinks$295.00
08.27.2018-08.31.2018Niagara University / NYDwyer Arena$310.00

Available Discounts - maximum of 1 discount per registration
(your discount will be automatically calculated upon check out)
*10% for 2 or more different Registration dates
SUMMER CAMP CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of a cancellation, your deposit would be credited towards the following summer. In extreme cases a refund may be issued, but a $100.00 administration fee would be implemented. Refunds will not be considered regarding any issues, within 2 weeks prior to your chosen week (Credit Only).

I would also like to purchase the:  Individual DVD (Personalized Skill Analysis of your son or daughter)
 Individual Flash Drive(Personalized Skill Analysis of your son or daughter)
 Group DVD (Game Tape Analysis of your son/daughter's SIHA group)
** NOTE: Be sure to choose either our Individual DVD or Flash Drive, if you would like a copy of your son/daughter's professional analysis.

Please register my son/daughter for the following Lunch Program:  "No Meals"
 "Youth Meal" Lunch Program
 Fairport/Niagara/Rochester/Rockville "Youth Meal" Lunch Program
 "Big Kid Meal" Lunch Program
 Fairport/Niagara/Rochester/Rockville "Big Kid Meal" Lunch Program

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Additional Sport International Offers
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Waiver Claim: Acknowledging that ice hockey is a contact sport, I agree that Sport International, Inc. its agents, servants and employees shall not be liable to me for any injury or damage resulting directly or indirectly from my participation in ice skating and ice hockey, whether incurred on the ice or otherwise in or about the buildings. I further agree that I discharge Sport International, Inc. its agents, servants and employees from all actions, claims and demands I may have for any injury or damage. I understand that my said agreements, release and discharge shall bind by heirs, legal representatives and assigns and shall insure to the benefit to Sport International, Inc. , its agents, servants and employees and their successors and assigns. It is further agreed that Sport International, Inc. does not and shall not be considered to guarantee/ warrant such equipment as may be used in the conducting of said program. I also give my consent to the Sport International Hockey Academy to treat me at their discretion, in case of any emergency incident that may arise throughout the instructional week. Sport International, Inc. reserves the right to use any pictures & videos taken during the program for research, instruction and/or advertising. I fully understand the above mentioned details regarding The Sport International Hockey Academy waiver terms and I also agree and understand that all tuition payments are Nonrefundable.

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3896 Dewey Avenue, #212, Rochester, NY 14616