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June Canton Staff Training Camp

The Sport International Hockey Academy recently changed it's Training Camp venue and format in 2016. In the past we had trained our staff in a 2 day condensed format in Rochester, NY with a 2 hour mini on-ice clinic, for our staff to train for the summer. Now, we have improved our entire teaching process, as we combine our Staff Training Camp with a week long youth hockey camp in Canton, Ohio. This new format worked very well this year, as it offered an excellent training ground for our staff to learn their job in a controlled environment and it was great for the kids, as there were 2 staff members per group.
We conducted our practical portion of the camp at The Center Ice Sports Complex in Canton, OH and the theoretical part of our training was done at Malone University at the end of each day. This format was very effective, as we could go over any errors with our staff from the day and also prepare for our following day program. Our staff stayed at The Malone University dormitories and we were able to utilize a common room area for our evening staff lectures. We also had Papa Bear's Pizza Oven cater our staff dinner's right to our Common Room, each evening. Our set-up was very conducive for both teaching and learning and our staff felt very comfortable with their job responsibilities, prior to beginning their instructional tour.
We purposely keep our youth camp very economical so we can attract 60 students which sets the basis for our staff training ground. We offer our normal camp to our students, but we have all 20 of our staff members at the camp. This was an exciting format and we plan to continue this concept in the future in Canton, Ohio.
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