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Orientation & Closing Ceremonies Information

Sunday Orientation

The Sport International Hockey Academy will be conducting a Sunday Orientation on the night before your camp week at 7:00 PM at our host arena. It is very important for all parents & students to attend our Orientation Meeting, to learn more about our camp, meet our staff and to properly prepare for your exciting week of hockey instruction.

Our Head Camp Director will give you a complete overview of the week ahead, review our camp policies, introduce our staff and answer any questions from the parents and students. Most orientation meetings end by 7:45 PM (depending on student registration).

You will receive your Player/Goaltender's Manual, your camp schedule, your camp jersey and your helmet tags. We ask that all players/goaltenders bring their helmet, so that we may attach their name tags to their helmet (no other equipment is needed at orientation). All hockey equipment will be needed and must be provided by each individual player, beginning on Monday, at the first day of camp.

Sport International will also have our very popular Souvenir Stand set up for your convenience (t-shirts, hoodies, bags, skate weights, water bottles, hats, skate towels, etc).

If you have not signed up for FLash Drive Video Analysis - MP4 Computer Transferable Files ($20.00) or our very popular Lunch Program ($40.00 - Youth Meal or $50.00 - Big Kid Meal), you may register at Orientation. For the lunch program in our Rockville, Rochester, Fairport & Niagara University locations: a catering charge will be assessed to the registration. Any outstanding student balances may also be paid at Orientation. All checks may be made out to SIHA.

Sport International works hard in conducting a well organized & concise Sunday Orientation, as we feel it is instrumental in starting our week, in a positive manner for our customers. We would really appreciate it, if you could make every effort to attend our Sunday Orientation Meeting. In the event that you cannot attend, please arrive on Monday morning at 8:00 AM. Thank You.

NOTE: You should receive a Confirmation Letter via e-mail (explaining our Sunday Orientation) when you register online, by fax or by mail (if you provide your e-mail address).

Friday Closing Ceremonies

SIHA will be running Closing Ceremonies for all parents and students on the Friday of your chosen week, to be held immediately following our famous "Pylon Cup" Game. As a side note, we encourage all parents, relatives, neighbors and friends to support your son or daughter for a very exciting week ending game, including referees, music and fun!

We will be meeting in our Orientation room for Closing Ceremonies, where we will conduct an individualized ceremony for each student, presenting them with their Progress Report & Video Analysis tape or DVD. We will also have our souvenir stand available for our students, as a memory of a great week! The Sport International Hockey Academy concludes it's week, with our Closing Ceremonies.