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40 Hours of Fun & Hard Work

Ice Maximization

Sport International is the original developer of Ice Maximization Circuit Training. "Upbeat drills, continual movement and the focus on repetition" is our ingredients to developing young hockey players. International offers 3 Hours of concentrated ice training daily. Morning sessions cover every aspect of power skating; forward stride, backwards skating, stops and starts and tight turns. Afternoon sessions include our innovative puck-handling and shooting progressions through ice maximization stations. Our instructor/student ratio is approximately 1:7.

Individualized Video Analysis

The Sport International Hockey Academy has emerged as the North American leader, with our original development, of computerized motion analysis and our 1997 invention of geometric stride analysis. Our video analysis will be conducted with each student on a daily basis. Skills to be concentrated upon, will be; forward stride, stops and starts, backwards skating, tight turns and shooting. Through the use of our telestrator machine and computer technology, our expert staff will individually isolate various areas of improvement or the reinforcement of properly executed skills. Each player will receive their video analysis tape to take home and review for future development.

You may also purchase your analysis in a DVD format for an additional $15.00 ($18.00 for Winter Clinics) or a Flash Drive for an additional $20.00.

Russian Training

Sport International is the original developer of "Russian Training." Our unique off-ice conditioning program is conducted daily to reinforce the importance of training in the off-season and to aid in the injury prevention process. All Russian Training is incorporated with music for rhythm and fun. We will conduct a different form of training each day, working on legs, arms and puck handling exercises. We feel this training is essential to build a hockey player, both mentally and physically.

Off-Ice Shooting

The Sport International Hockey Academy is under the common belief that to be a proficient shooter, a player must have the opportunity to exercise repetition with his or her shots. We offer each player a chance to shoot approximately 70 pucks per day at a wide variety of targets for increased accuracy. Our expert staff will instruct the fundamental skills associated to the following shots; Wrist, Backhand, Snap & Slap Shot. Off-ice shooting contests are offered daily by our staff, to continually challenge each player, as well as keeping the station fun and exciting. We will also be offer a musical setting to create rhythm and energy for our students, while working on their shooting techniques. We will also analyze each player's shooting technique through the use of our I-Pad Analysis.

Survey & Testing Day

SIHA tests every student (Players & Goalies) in 6 different on-ice skills and 4 different off-ice (hockey related) exercises. Each student will receive their results on the last day of camp, in their Personalized Progress Report. Contained on their Survey Sheet, will be the student's results in each activity as well as their Group Average and the National Average for their age category. This is valuable information for every hockey player and we find that when students return to SIHA, they compare and contrast their results from the past year.

International Ice Ball

The Sport International Hockey Academy offers a subtle break to our on-ice program, playing a friendly little game of "International Ice Ball". Ice ball not only serves as a fun alternative to hockey, but it also teaches the players to play with their heads up and forces quick acceleration, as we play our game with 3 balls on the ice, at once. Our staff jump in on the games and they tend to be pretty competitive. Lots of fun!


We feel that for a camp to be successful in the eyes of a child, the right mixture of fun and hard work must go hand in hand. Sport International offers 45 minutes each day, dedicated to a different recreational activity. It is clearly evident that a student is sharper and more focused for the remainder of the day after having some fun at a low stress level activity. Good for our staff as well, they like to jump into the games and play with the students, which really creates a strong bonding between staff and student.

Box Hockey

SIHA recently introduced Box Hockey to our Russian Training program. Box Hockey is a fun way to work on stick handling skills as well as building upper body strength for our students. We conduct all Box Hockey games with 1 minute shifts to keep all students actively involved. This was a huge hit last summer and will be returning for our upcoming summer. Enjoy some great competition and a terrific skill building exercise.

The "Pylon Cup" Game

We offer a week ending game, which is a 23 year tradition. Our students work very hard throughout the week, for the right to hoist the coveted and precious "Pylon Cup". The "Pylon Cup" game is the perfect stage for our students to showcase their new skills to their parents and friends on the Friday, ending their camp week. Their game has the atmosphere the NHL, but has the intensity of a Stanley Cup game. Not to be missed by parents & friends!

2020 Sport International Typical Day

8:15 - 8:30AM: All Players & Goalies should arrive at our Host Rink
8:30 - 9:00AM: Dressing Room (Players & Goalies)
9:00 - 10:30AM: On-Ice: Powerskating
Forward Stride, Tight Turns, Backwards Skating, Stops & Starts and Intro To Checking
10:30 - 10:45AM: Snack Time for all Students in Dressing Room
10:45 - 11:20AM: Video Analysis & Off-Ice Shooting
Each video is recorded to the student's DVD or Flash Drive.
Students will shoot Wrist, Backhand, Snap & Slap Shots, shooting a total of around 150 pucks throughout the week
11:20 - 11:50AM: Lunch
11:50 AM - 12:30PM: Russian Training
Arms, Survey Day, Legs, Relays & Plyo's
12:30 - 1:00PM: Dressing Room (Players & Goalies)
1:00 - 2:30PM: On-Ice: Puckhandling
Passing, Shooting, 1 on 1's, 2 on 1's, Controlled Scrimmages & "Pylon Cup" Game
2:30 - 2:45PM: Dressing Room (Players & Goalies)
2:45 - 3:30PM: Lectures
Counselor/Player Orientation, Rules Test, Game Tape Analysis, Equipment Lecture & Pre-Game Preparation
3:30 - 4:15PM: Recreation
Road Hockey, International Team Handball, Whiffle Ball, Kick Ball & Counselor's Choice
4:15PM: Players may be picked up