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Check out our selection of Souvenirs, available at the Souvenir Table! Talk to your Counselor to purchase any items.

Availability depends on stock left on tour.

SIHA Shorts

100% Polyester, Mesh or Performance Style

  • Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Grey
  • Available Sizes: Boys Large, Men's Small - XL

SIHA T-Shirt

Summer Tour T-Shirt, 100% Cotton

  • Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Grey
  • Available Sizes: Boys Large, Men's Small - XL

Embroidered Winter Hat

Warm! Good looking! One size fits all!

  • Colors: Red, Black

SIHA Baseball Hat

Cotton staff baseball hat, embroidered with our SIHA logo

  • Colors: Red, Black

Weighted Puck

Our weighted Viceroy puck, will give you the ultimate training product for developing a stronger shot, improving accuracy and building wrist strength. Our training puck is about twice the weight of a regulation puck.

SIHA Skate Towel

  • Colors: Red, Black


The SkateWeights™ Competitive Edge Conditioning Program will help tone, condition and strengthen your legs.

The stainless steel SkateWeights™ clamp securely to the plastic blade support of a hockey skate, providing a one pound, low gravity weight. This revolutionary design secures a tight fit on all major brands - it is easy to take off and put on.

This is an ideal training tool for young and old, amateur and professional.

Hooded Sweatshirt

High quality fleece sweat shirt, guaranteed to keep you warm in the rinks this season

  • Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Grey
  • Available Sizes: Men's Small - XL

Bench Boss Pocket Board

A diagram on your Bench Boss instantly shows an individual player what adjustments or corrections need to be made

Laminated 3 x 5 inches pocket board - can easily fit in your pocket

Marker included