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2018 Summer Camp Application (Now Available)

For Ages 6 - 17 yrs. (all players grouped by age & ability)

2018 Summer Camp Online Application (Now Available)

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August 1/2018 - As we enter our final month of our 2018 Summer Tour, please note that many of our camps are either full or very close to being full at this time. Please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We look forward to seeing you in August!


Our International Philosophy
At the Sport International Hockey Academy, our concept is "Total Hockey" and the accent is on learning through our highly qualified international staff and advanced techniques. We maximize the student's potential as a hockey player, concentrating primarily on improving each individual weakness with the emphasis on repetition. Our staff of professional hockey educators are under the common belief that fun and hard work are the main components in the skill development process.

Our International Goal
Sport International has dedicated itself to elevate the skill level in young hockey players through our on-ice and off-ice programs, lectures and our unique video analysis concept. We feel confident that our reputation as a teaching institution will ultimately create the basis for a complete hockey player.



Our SIHA Staff will fully supervise all students each day, both on and off the ice and in the dressing room. We feel that it is absolutely imperative that all students receive a quality hockey education in a controlled and disciplined environment.

Crazy Move Day!
SIHA offers our students to have a little fun on their last day of their video drill, with "Crazy Move Day"! We have seen some very creative break-away moves over the years, but this one is the hi-lite of the year! 

Please click on the Flat Screen TV (Left) to view our student's crazy move.



Professional Video Comparisons
Sport International has worked very hard to secure a different NHL player each year to provide our students, an excellent example of how to properly execute each drill and how to effectively demonstrate each related skill technique. In the past we have had such NHL personalities as Randy Cunneyworth, Joe Reekie, Jim Wiemer, Kip Miller, Tim Kennedy, Patrick Kane, Nathan Paetsch & Carter Camper. Justin Bailey (2013 Buffalo Sabres Draft pick, is a past SIHA (Buffalo) student.

  "Our best guarantee for a quality hockey education".

"Uncle Bob" & Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks - 2 time Stanley Cup Winner & 3 time SIHA Student)

Our 2014 Professional Video Analysis Demonstrator

SIHA performs a thorough, professionally designed daily video analysis with each student, 1 on 1 with our Head Instructor. Your analysis will include telestration lines, instructor's audio analysis, computer split screens and professional demonstrations. This entire process is recorded to each student's take-home DVD - mp4 computer transferable video format ($15.00 additional cost) or to a Flash Drive ($20.00 additional cost).

Click On The Picture Above, To View A Sample Of Our Video Analysis Process

Please Click On The Above Picture For A Sample Video Clip Of Our Power Skating Program!


Our power skating program has been one of our benchmarks for almost a quarter century. We feel that to properly build a hockey player, you must start with the skating skills. Once a player feels confident with his/her skating ability, the rest of the skills tend to be easier to teach and acquire as an aspiring hockey player. We work hard with each and every student but at the same time we make it fun for our players.

Our SIHA puckhandling program is extremely diverse, incorporating 10 different daily drills, specifically related to our skill emphasis of the day. Our sessions are fast moving, upbeat and never standing around. Our main goal is to offer each student numerous repetitions within each drill to maximize their learning retention. We utilize "Attack Triangles" each day to help with the quickness of puck movement and each student's hand-eye coordination.



Please Click On The Picture For A Sample Video Clip Of Our Puckhandling Program!

Please Click On The Above Picture  For A Sample Video Clip From Our Goaltending Program!


Our Goalie Academy is one of the most concentrated goalie instructional programs in the country, with skill emphasis such as Stance, Angles & Movement, Pad Saves, Glove Saves & The Break-Away Saves. Each goaltender will receive daily 1 on 1 attention along with experienced shooters to continually challenge our goalies. Our video analysis program, separates us from every other goalie camp. We'll see you this summer!

Please Click On The Above Picture  For A Sample Of Our Goaltending Program Video Analysis Process 


SIHA performs a thorough, professionally designed daily video analysis with each goaltender, 1 on 1 with our Head Instructor. Your analysis will include telestration lines, instructor's audio analysis, computer split screens and professional demonstrations. This entire process is recorded to each student's take-home DVD - mp4 computer transferable video format ($15.00 additional cost).


SIHA has developed a new process for quickly analyzing all student's shooting techniques in real time. Through the use of an I-Pad, we will be able to film each student on a daily basis and quickly correct any shooting deficiencies "on the spot". Please click on the picture below to view a sample video of our our NEW Off-Ice Shooting Analysis, this summer.


Please Click On The Off-Ice Shooting picture to view a sample of our NEW I-Pad Instant Analysis


SIHA offers daily lectures to better educate our students with the finer details of the game. Our lectures include rules discussion, sportsmanship, off-ice conditioning and Game-Tape Analysis. We film each group in a scrimmage and professionally analyze each group's positional play, decision making and various offensive attack techniques. We feel that it is important to talk about the mental aspect of the game, to give our students a complete overall hockey education. Through the use of our SIHA Lecture Centre (computer,  projector & screen ), we are able to easily demonstrate our concepts and offer our professional opinions.




The most important aspect of our teaching technique is; always keeping it fun for our students. We feel that our students will learn more about the game of hockey, if we instruct our sessions, in a fun and upbeat environment. To better display the fun that we have in our camps, please view the video to the right - enjoy!

Please Click On The Animated Hockey Dancer To View " A Lighter Side Video Clip"  Of  Our Staff & Students

                    Click on the flat screen TV above, to view our 2018 Promo Video               

Why Should I Choose SIHA

For My Son/Daughter's Hockey Camp Experience & Skill Development?

  • 29 Years of Hockey Instructional Experience
  • Personable College and Professional Staff (combining fun & hard work)
  • Fast Moving On-Ice Program (much more skating than standing)
  • Individual Daily Video Analysis MP4 format ($15.00 DVD or $20.00 Flash Drive)
  • Disciplined Daily Off-Ice Conditioning
  • Daily Off-Ice Shooting
  • Week Ending Personalized Progress Report (including 8 on and off-ice drills tracked to both the student's group average and national average for their age)
  • Local Regional Director For Each SIHA City
  • Former Students Currently Playing At The NHL & Division 1 College Levels
  • 40 Hour Instructional Week
  • #1 Computerized DVD Motion Analysis Technique In North America
  • Completely Structured On & Off-Ice Program
  • Full Supervision Of Students (8:15 AM - 4:15 PM) Throughout The Week
  • Automatic Online Parent's Feedback Form (to continually improve our program)
  • Economical Tuition, Including Jersey, Player's Manual & Progress Report
  • Low Student/Instructor Ratio
  • Well Organized, Nutritional Lunch Program (very popular)
  • Toll Free Phone #, Web Site & Completely Secured Online Application
  • Family Discounts & Team Discounts
  • Strong Corporate Sponsorship (showing credibility)
  • Fully Committed Staff, Advancing Young Hockey Players Both Mentally & Physically

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2018 Summer Tour Online Application (Now Available)

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