25 Years of "Total Hockey" Instruction!



Chenango Ice Rink (December 29 - 30)


Chenango Ice Rink (July 21 - 25 & Aug. 25 - 29)


2013 -'14

The Sport International Hockey Academy will be offering the Binghamton hockey community a winter clinic and two exciting weeks of summer hockey instruction. We will be returning to The Chenango Ice Rink for two great weeks of hockey camp. Sport International is entering it's 25th year of operation, and is a nationally recognized organization, offering programs in 31 cities. The Sport International Philosophy is "Total Hockey", with the accent on skill repetition and highly energized "originally designed" drills. Sport International is a fast paced program, perfect for any level of hockey player. Our highly qualified, "charismatic" college/professional staff, will ensure that every student, enjoys a positive learning experience. Each player will, receive their personalized take-home video analysis tape/DVD, for continuous future review. The SIHA "40 Hour Instructional Program", is widely respected, and clearly one of the leading camps in North America.

"Sport International is a quality, affordable hockey camp, with an excellent instructional staff, complimented with a terrific off-ice program. I highly recommend SIHA, for your summer hockey camp choice". Jim Tofte - Binghamton Regional Director

Binghamton Regional Director: Jim Tofte (jtofte@griffithsengineering.com)

2013 SIHA WINTER CLINIC INFORMATION (For ages 6 - 14 yrs.):

SIHA Winter Clinic: To Apply online Now: https://siha.com/forms/form2.php

SIHA Winter Clinic Brochure PDF (Inside Cover): images/2013 Clinic Brochure - In.pdf

SIHA Winter Clinic Brochure PDF (Outside Cover): images/2013 Clinic Brochure - Out.pdf

SIHA Winter Dates: December 29 - 30/2013

SIHA Winter Clinic Ice Times: (29th) 5:00 - 6:30 PM & (30th) 10:00 - 11:30 AM * Please meet at rink, 45 minutes prior to your Day 1 ice time!

SIHA Winter Clinic Cost: $60.00 (Discounts Available)


Click on The Above TV For Our Winter Clinic Promo.

2014 SIHA SUMMER CAMP INFORMATION (For Ages 6 - 17 yrs.) :

SIHA Summer Camp: To Apply Online Now:: https://siha.com/forms/form1.php

SIHA Summer Camp Brochure PDF: http://siha.com/images/2014 Anniversary Brochure.pdf

SIHA Summer Camp Times: 8:15 AM (Drop-Off) - 4:15 PM (Pick-Up)

SIHA Camp Dates: July 21 - 25 & August 25 - 29/2014

SIHA Camp Cost: $295.00 (Discounts Available)

Click on the flat screen TV above, to view our Anniversary Video


SIHA Head Office: 1-800-724-6658

SIHA E-Mail: info@siha.com

SIHA Web Site: www.siha.com/

SPONSOR LINKS: Sher-Wood Hockey & The Hampton Inn (Johnson City)

HOST RINK LINK: www.Chenangoicerink.com


SIHA VIDEO ANALYSIS SAMPLES:                         *New For 2014*


Click On The Flat Screen TV Above To View Our Player Video                                                                                             Pro X-Ray Cut-Out to fully analyze each student's stride


Click On The Flat Screen TV Above To View Our Goaltender Video                                                                              4 Step Progression Analysis - showing the complete shooting process


Click On The Flat Screen TV Above To View Our Group Game Tape Analysis                                                            New drills utilizing our "Attack Triangles" to improve puckhandling skills


My son thoroughly enjoyed himself at the camp. The camp was a good way for Nate to start getting ready for the upcoming season. I was able to watch him play in a scrimmage on Thursday night (4 days into the camp) and he looked very well prepared, which is a testament to your camp and the counselors who worked with him. It was a great experience. Thank you!