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Forward Stride:

It is important for all SIHA students to learn the basics of Forward Stride, including moving the arms front to back, fully extending the back leg and bending the front knee. Our staff will work with each student to improve all aspects of their skating stride.

* Please click on the Flat Screen TV, to view a sample of our Forward Stride Individualized Video Analysis.

Tight Turns:

Our expert staff will be emphasizing the finer points associated to Tight Turns throughout the week. We will concentrate on having each student lead with their inside skate, bend with the knees and turn the head and shoulders quickly for faster and stronger turns.

* Please click on the Flat Screen TV, to view a sample of our Tight Turns Individualized Video Analysis.

Backwards Skating:

Our SIHA staff is under the common belief that, backwards skating is the key to becoming a solid hockey player. We will work with each student, concentrating on balance, posture and power with the backwards skating technique. It will be imperative that all students work on keeping their head up, back straight and knees bent, for a well balanced stride.

* Please click on the Backwards Skating Flat Screen TV, to view a sample of our Individualized Video Analysis.

Stops & Starts:

With the speed of the game always increasing, it is important for our students to be proficient with the starting and stopping techniques. Our staff will work with each student, emphasizing the head up, the shoulders square and the knees bent, with the stick on the ice.

* Please click on the Stops & Starts Flat Screen TV, to view a sample of our Individualized Video Analysis.

The Sport International Hockey Academy is very excited with our new innovation of "Cut-Out" Comparison. We have been able to create cut-outs of our past pros demonstrating various skill techniques. We will be able to tap in these cut-out stamps and place them side by side to our students to visually show our players and goalies the areas that need to be improved as well as the skills that are being properly performed. We feel that this new teaching technique will be extremely beneficial for our students. Some of the past pro cut-outs that we will be profiling will be; Patrick Kane, Nathan Paetsch, Jesse Winchester, Derek Grant & Alex Tuch. SIHA is continually trying to offer new and exciting techniques to constantly improve our video analysis process.


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