Sport International Hockey Academy


OVERALL 2011 CAMP RATING: 8.71 out of 10


Thomas really had a great time and I saw so much improvement! And it gave him a lot of confidence as well. Great job. We will definitely attend again next year.

This was the 5th time at this camp and I have never been disappointed. Unfortunately it was my last year as I've kind of aged out.


Very WELL DONE! We'll be back! Thanks!

David loved every second of camp; counselors were fun as well as super-knowledgable, great coaches and role models. Loved the video analysis. The lectures were very motivating and relevant. Best hockey camp ever. See you next year (will be David's third summer next year:))

Best organized and run camp that we've participated in.

David LOVED camp. He is only 6 and the only suggestion I might make is that when counselors talk to him, they keep this in mind! For example, on his video analysis (which was fun!) the counselor used words like "parallel" over and over. David had no clue what this meant! (He does now...) Many thanks.

the russian training was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul, Sam, Travis and Justin are great!!! We hope to see them next year!!!!!!!