Sport International Hockey Academy


OVERALL 2011 CAMP RATING: 8.3 out of 10


The video analysis was great!.


I was very skeptical at the orientation meeting as my son was the oldest at the camp and only 1 of 2 goalies. I was afraid he would not get what he needed out of the camp. He had a great experience and learned a lot. It would have helped to have older kids at the camp, but the staff incorporated him and pushed him. I would highly recommend this camp!!!

This was an excellent camp! Chris had tons of fun, the staff were excellent, blending fun with lots of skill building. The video analysis was one of the best tools that he has ever gotten at a camp. To be able to see what he does well and needs to improve really helps bring the message home. An excellent camp and we will definately be back again next year.

Gaige enjoyed the camp very much. He will definately be attending again next year. Thank you so much!

Devin had a great time at camp, she was thrilled to be able to attend at the last minute, thank you so much! P.S. we love coach Arbou.

We always recommend the camp to others. Dakota had a great time this summer, thanks for everything!

This was Nicks first year and he really enjoyed the camp and cannot wait to go back next year already!!!

He really loved all the counselors as well :) Thanks for showing him a great week of work & fun!!!! :)

I loved this camp and I thought that it was very beneficial, but there should have been more girls!