Sport International Hockey Academy


OVERALL 2011 CAMP RATING: 9.5 out of 10


No suggestions. The camp was a great experience!!

Please come back. See you next year!


Just one: I realize that you have to accomodate all applicants, but I think it would be best to have separate programs completely for the "pee-wees" and the older (larger) boys. The older boys need to be challenged continuously while some of the wee ones could barely stay upright on their skates. Too great a disparity to be mixed together. Otherwisa a truly great program and I was very impressed. Matt will be back next year from Wyoming. Thanks to all.

No additional comments. Well done. Looking forward to coming back next year!

Best camp our son has ever taken! I'm sure he'll be back next year. Everyone was so nice, and he learned alot. If anyone didn't buy the video, they missed out. It showed George exactly what he needed to improve on. Thank you for bringing this program to our small area.

This camp was a great experience. Great counsellors and an all over great program. I will definitely be coming back next year! Merci beaucoup pour un semaine magnifique!

Great camp. Super group of young men conducting the program. Thanks!

I had a great time.

Program was great! Lunch was pricey and snacks are usually provided in camps. Overall, wonderful - we will do it again next summer! Video was great!