Sport International Hockey Academy


OVERALL 2011 CAMP RATING: 9.25 out of 10


Jake had a great time and asked if he could go to the August camp as well this summer when he finished on Saturday, July 10. He was bummed when I told him it was full.

More pizza for lunch! And he really liked the checking program. (As his parent, I like the emphasis on checking safely! Overall, a great program.)

My son Loved the camp. Cant wait till next year

The only changes I have would be to offer the DVD as part of the total price and try to offer some mower nutritious snacks - but I know that is hard. Overall it was great and my son wants to come to it for two weeks next year if that is possible.

2nd year at the camp. I had a great time.


Your hockey camp surpassed our expectations. The rigorous schedule, individualized instruction and attention to detail all helped our son improve his skills.

Wish you did this every week all summer long here in Alexandria! It was wonderful; see you next year. Thank you all!

Specific and quantifiable feedback was outstanding.


The camp was great. Think it woudl be helpful to check in the younger boys in teh mojrning- felt strange just leaving them in the locker room. Wasn't sure about getting them dressed etc. or who should do it. Perhpas a little mroe structure regarding pickup and drop off overall a fantastic camp experience and we will definately return !!

Thanks, we had a great experience!

As far as I could tell from my 7 year old, the lectures were just watching vidoes. But that might not have been the case?! If so, I think something more interactive and live would be preferable. And I'm always going to be happier with lunches that have fewer chips and hot dogs and more veggies and fruit. But, overall, it was a fabulous week for SEbi and hockey is now his "favorite" sport.

This was a great experience. we have done camps all over north america and were very impressed with you guys. your counselors were great and i couldn't thank them enough. i would definitely recommend this camp to our friends!!!

Having an all day camp is ideal for most. Hard to judge on certain aspects in that player was a goalie. Seemed that majority of agenda set to skater - loved the video analysis. Overall impressed.

This was our first hockey camp and Jules loved it. He has only been skating since January of this year and we have seen a wonderful transformation since he first stepped on the ice. He really enjoyed the counselors.

I think camp was great