1. Try to turn your shoulders and your head quickly, when making your cut. The longer that you take to turn your upper body, the wider and the slower your turn will take.

2. Keep your knees bent, with your skates about shoulder width apart. When your knees are bent, this will keep you low to the ice, thus giving you the quickness of direction change.

3. Force your lead skate (inside skate) in front of your power skate (outside skate). This will give you the balance needed to make your quick turns. Try to lean into your turn with your body as you are making your cut.

4. As you come out of your turn, try to cross-over, power skate over the lead skate, with a slight hop, to give you power as you exit your turn. This will be necessary, as you will decelerate as you make your turn, crossing over will help you to accelerate and get your speed back to normal.