1. There are many things that a hockey player can do to stay finely tuned, while not on the ice. Take a skill that you want to improve and work on developing your technique with concentrated repetitions.

2. PUCKHANDLING: On a cement floor or flat surface, you can practice stickhandling using either a golf ball or baseball, working on keeping your head up and moving the ball back and forth and side to side. Try to work in some toe drags to get the feel of making destinct moves with your head up.

3. LEG STRENGTH: Try to use stride hops, with deep knee bend, pushing your body forward, in a similar manner to your ice stride, but keeping yourself low to the ground, with quick knee pushes. This will keep your stride technique in proper form, in the off-season.

4. WRIST STRENGTH: You can sit on a chair, laying the back of your wrists on your knees and you can roll a weighted bar up and down, from your finger tips to you palms, resting the back of your wrists on your knees, while doing your reps. This will increase your wrist strength, for your shot.

5. SHOULDER STRENGTH: A variation of push-ups will increase your shoulder strength. You can do conventional push-ups, one-armed push-ups, clap in between push-ups, legs on a bench push-ups or wall push-outs. All push-ups will give you upper body strength and lessen the chance for shoulder injuries.