1. Make sure that your stick is not too long and not too short. Once you are on skates, your stick (in an upright position) should come up to your throat, but no higher than your chin. This will give you proper maneuverability, when stickhandling and shooting.

2. When shooting the puck, try to push down on your stick, before releasing the puck. This will create torque on your stick, hich will give you more whip on your shot. The more torque, the more power!

3. When releasing the puck, try to turn your stick and wrists over. Try to avoid opening up the face of the blade, this will cause the puck to flutter and will result in a loss of power and accuracy.

4. Try to follow through to your target with your stick blade. Your blade should finish up, aiming right at your target area. This will ensure power and accuracy.

5. Try to avoid dropping the bottom hand off your stick, upon releasing your shot.