1. Always position your stick on the ice and in the middle of both legs (forming a triangle). Try not to have your stick positioned off your back skate, this will not allow you to cradle the puck once you receive it.

2. As you receive the puck, try to keep your knees bent, the lower to the ice that you can force your body, the easier it will be, to maintain control of the puck.

3. Try to keep your elbows away from your body, when receiving your pass. This will give you more range of motion, if the pass is either in tight or slightly ahead of you.

4. Make sure that you have a good amount of pressure on your stick, to ensure that the pass will not go under your stick blade.

5. Always cradle the puck (drawing the stick back), to ensure full control. It is important to have soft hands, when trying to receive the puck cleanly, but at the same time pushing down on the stick.