1. When making your blocker save, it is important to follow the puck directly to your blocker glove, with your eyes. Hand-eye coordination will be the essential skill, in making your blocker save.

2. Try to "twist your wrist" when making your save, this will ensure that all pucks will get deflected to the corner, and not back towards the middle of the ice. Try to avoid punching at the puck, let the puck come to your blocker, and simply turn your wrist, with timing.

3. Try to keep your shoulders square when making your blocker save, this will keep your body in proper position, if you should have to quickly make another fast save. Also, keep your glove hand up, out and open in the ready position, in case of another quick shot, after your blocker save.

4. Keep your pads positioned shoulder width apart, which will give you proper balance, when making your save. Having a well balanced stance will always give you a solid foundation for making your save and increase your timing.