1. When making the save from the butterfly position, make sure that you always have your pads flaired or angled to the corners, with your stick in front of the five hole. This will ensure that once you make the save, your rebounds will be directed to the corners and out of harms way.

2. It will be important for you to use your stick as much as possible to direct your saves to the corner, the pads will actually serve as a back-up to the stick. Remember you have more control of rebounds with your stick, than you would with your pads.

3. It will be important for you to keep your upper body upright and big in the net with your glove and blocker in an up, out & open position. Anytime you are making a pad save it is always imperative to keep your body in constant position, to make the second or third save, if your rebounds have not been properly controlled.

4. Once you go down to the butterfly save, always be ready to pop right back up into your stance, to prepare yourself for the next shot. It is very common for young goalies to go down, but not quickly recovering to their stance position. Simple down ups exercises can improve this skill.