1. Keep your body low to the ice by bending your knees. The lower you are to the ice, the more speed you will gain.

2. Try to move your arms front to back, this will ensure that your entire body will be moving completely forward and not side to side. Any side to side movement will slow down your overall speed.

3. Keep your head up when skating, this will give you a better sense of direction and balance and will increase your breathing skills. When your head is down, your breathing process will be limited. The easier it is to breathe, the more energy you will have, to be a faster skater.4. Try to fully extend your back leg, with every push. At the end of every stride, snap your toe to ensure a fully maximized stride.

5. Try to avoid a high leg kick when recovering after your initial stride. A high leg kick, upon recovery will slow down your stride. Stride recovery should be smooth and close to the ice without dragging your skate.