Northtown Center at Amherst (Dec. 28 - 29)

Holiday Twin Rinks (December 29 - 30)


July 23 - 27 & Aug. 20 - 24 (Leisure Rinks)



The Sport International Hockey Academy will be offering the Buffalo hockey community two winter clinic (Northtown Center at Amherst & Holiday Twin Rinks) and two weeks of exciting summer camp hockey instruction. Sport International is entering it's 29th year of operation, and is a nationally recognized organization, offering programs in 30 cities. The Sport International Philosophy is "Total Hockey", with the accent on skill repetition and highly energized "originally designed" drills. Sport International is a fast paced program, perfect for any level of hockey player. Our highly qualified, "charismatic" college/professional staff, will ensure that every student, enjoys a positive learning experience. Each player will, receive their personalized take-home video analysis tape/DVD, for continuous future review. The SIHA "40 Hour Instructional Program", is widely respected, and clearly one of the leading camps in North America.

"Sport International is a quality, affordable hockey camp, with an excellent instructional staff, complimented with a terrific off-ice program. I highly recommend SIHA, for your summer hockey camp choice". Greg Lindner - Buffalo Regional Director

Buffalo Regional Director: Greg Lindner (wsejv@yahoo.com)

2017 SIHA WINTER CLINIC INFORMATION (For ages 6 - 14 yrs.):

SIHA Winter Clinic: To Apply online Now: https://siha.com/forms/form2.php

SIHA Winter Clinic Brochure PDF: 2017 Winter Clinic Brochure - Download PDF (Now Available)


SIHA Winter Dates: December 28 - 29/2017 (Northtown Center at Amherst)

SIHA Winter Clinic Ice Times: 2:00 - 3:30 PM (Both Days) * Please meet at rink, 45 minutes prior to your Day 1 ice time!

SIHA Winter Clinic Cost: $65.00 (Discounts Available)


SIHA Winter Dates: December 29 - 30/2017 (Holiday Twin Rinks)

SIHA Winter Clinic Ice Times: 9:00 - 10:30 AM (Both Days) * Please meet at rink, 45 minutes prior to your Day 1 ice time!

SIHA Winter Clinic Cost: $65.00 (Discounts Available)



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2018 SIHA SUMMER CAMP INFORMATION (For Ages 6 - 17 yrs.) :

SIHA Summer Camp: To Apply Online Now:: https://siha.com/forms/form1.php

2018 Summer Brochure - Download PDF (Now Available)

SIHA Summer Camp Times: 8:15 AM (Drop-Off) - 4:15 PM (Pick-Up)

SIHA Camp Dates: July 23 - 27 & August 20 - 24/2018 (Leisure Rinks)

SIHA Camp Cost: $295.00 (Discounts Available)

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SIHA Head Office: 1-800-724-6658

SIHA E-Mail: info@siha.com

SIHA Web Site: www.siha.com/


HOST RINK LINK: http://www.holidayrinks.com/

LOCAL YOUTH HOCKEY WEB LINKS :                    




SIHA (and you) are a class act and provide excellent hockey instruction, camp activities, and an overall A+ summer camp experience.  All of the parents that I have talked with. that did SIHA, raved about the camp and how much the kids enjoyed it! I can say personally, my two son's Chase and Jack, had a GREAT time and looked forward to each and every day.  The on-ice and off-ice activities were challenging and fun.   We really like the video's as well.  The Pylon Cup was a great game.......Chase was so excited to score the game winning goal!  It made his camp week. Thanks for all that you do, for our youth hockey players!

Rockville, MD 2015